Anastasia Pollard has been teaching at LARA since it’s conception and played an important part in LARA’s development and reputation of excellence in drawing and painting. We are proud to have Anastasia teaching at LARA and happy to announce she has just been accepted to exhibit this year at the BP portrait awards for the fourth time!

The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture: £10,000 plus the Society’s GOLD MEDAL awarded for the most distinguished painting in the Royal Society of Portraiture’s annual exhibition.

Exhibitions include: Dressing the Girl, Mumford Fine Art (2008); An Exhibition of Self Portraits, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries, London (2007); A View from Within, Mumford Fine Art (2007); Annual Exhibition, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London (2005-2008); BP Portrait Award Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London (2006, 2007); W.H. Patterson Gallery, London (2005-2008); Talent Exhibition, Allan Stone Gallery, New York City; Artist’s House, Philadelphia (2001-2003); Annual Student Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1999, 2000); Emerging Artists Exhibition, Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia.

Awards include: The Artist’s House Gallery Award (2000); Gross McCleaf Gallery Prize (2000), Earl T. Donelson Figure Painting Award (2000); Hobson Pittman Memorial Prize, Special Notice (2000); The William Emlen Cresson Scholarship (1999); Linda Lee Alter Award (1999); Celia Beaux Memorial Prize (1999); Melvin Paul and Pearl Miller Carpel Award; Lucille Sorgenti Scholarship (1999); Silvia S. and Miron M. Walley Memorial Scholarship (1999); Benjamin West Prize (1999).

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