The LARA sculpture courses revolve around the accurate study of the human figure. Accuracy and keen observation in three-dimensional space are at the heart of the method. Courses consist of sculpting from the live model, whether it be the figure or portrait.

Long poses lasting several weeks provide a rare opportunity for the student to make a considered and in depth study of the human figure.

Students also become familiar with the practical considerations of figurative sculpture, such as armature making and casting their work.

Integral to the course are several key principles that form the basis of naturalistic figurative sculpture. It is the intention of the course to instil these principles into the student’s creative process thus enabling them to bridge the gap between what they see and the quality of work they are able to execute. These include an accurate sense of proportion and gesture, a believable and strong structure, a sensitivity to contour, well articulated planes and transitions, and the correct application of anatomical knowledge.

Essential to the success of the student is the nature of the teaching, consisting of personalised critiques delivered throughout the day. The critical faculties instilled in the student through such critiques are considered crucial to their development as an artist, enabling them to apply an objective eye to their own work in future endeavours.


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