Class details
Teacher: Luca Indraccolo
Daily Timetable: 9:30am to 4:30pm (one hour lunch break)
Dates: Monday 5th October to Friday 9th October, 2015
Max number of students: 8
Fees: £475

This Portrait Painting Masterclass will teach you to paint a competent portrait using the sight-size method, starting with a simple charcoal transfer drawing through to a finished study in oils.


To maintain the highest quality teaching and results, there are no more than 4 students per portrait model. This allows each student to achieve a sight-size portrait within the 5 day course.

The portrait is an integral part of the LARA curriculum. Throughout the program students are encouraged to work with portrait models on increasingly complex projects of their own devising. Whether the portrait is painted or drawn depends on how far they have progressed within the framework of the curriculum. Before painting the portrait in oils, a full value study in charcoal and white chalk is required to have been completed to demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in dealing with structure and values.
On completing the LARA Curriculum the student will be well equipped to handle the problems of executing commissioned portraits, but more importantly will have gained insight into the possibilities offered by working with a live model to achieve their own artistic vision.

About Luca Indraccolo

Born in Naples, Luca Indraccolo left Italy at the age of 19 to start his advertising career, ending up as a creative director for Saatchi & Saatchi London. His work led him to live in several countries, including Germany, England and USA, where he began his drawing training. Realising that fine art was his true calling, he moved first to Florence to pursue his academic training and then to London, where he is now based working as a painter. Luca also teaches on the full time course at the London Atelier of Representational Art.

The course will address:

  • Applying a knowledge of anatomy to a portrait
  • Understanding the proportions and planes of the head and using props such as the skeleton and skull to inform understanding and develop a deeper knowledge of the underlying structure of the form
  • Using sight-size to capturing an accurate likeness of the sitter and bringing out the best in your model
  • How to organise a complicated subject with a simple value range
  • Assembling an appropriate palette of colour and mixing accurate colour values
  • Paint handling and edge control
  • Controlling focus within portrait painting and overall design

The Facilities
Each class is limited to eight students working from two models in sight-size. The workshop room is located within the main school of The London Atelier of Representational Art. Each model is lit with individual professional photographic lighting providing a steady, unchanging environment from which to observe all elements of portrait painting.

Please note that specific materials are required for this course. You will receive a complete list on application.

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