Full Time Course and Workshop Drawing Materials

Either wood pencils or mechanical .7mm clutch pencils in the following grades: 2H, H, HB, B
Nitram charcoal (vine) H, HB, B *
Small mirror and black mirror *
Pencil sharpener
Putty rubber/kneadable eraser
Sandpaper block for sharpening
Masking tape
Craft knife
Canson paper *
Roma paper white *
Tracing Paper (different sizes)

* Some of these materials can be difficult to source, therefore it is possible to purchase these items through LARA.

Oil Painting

Wooden arm palette
Hog bristle brushes (a set of at least 8 ‘flats’, with some ‘filberts’ and ‘brights’)
Selection of flexible steel palette knives
Cold pressed linseed oil
Windsor and Newton Sansodor (Odourless turpentine substitute for painting)
Zest it (for rinsing brushes)
Airtight metal brush cleaner Stretched linen canvas or gesso panel – 18”x24” approx.

Oil Colours for LARA palette:

Cremnitz/Flake/Lead White (basic lead carbonate in oil)
Yellow Ochre
Vermillion, Cadmium Red, or English Red
Raw Umber
Cobalt Blue
Ivory Black

For all these materials, we recommend the following suppliers:

Michael Harding
Old Holland
C Roberson
Windsor and Newton


Some tools provided, but we recommend you buy your own. You can purchase sculpture materials from Tiranti.

Modelling Tools

B5 (Tiranti)
M6 or/and H7
Set of Kidneys – rubber, wooden (serrated and flat)
Cooking spatulas
Wire loop tools


Aluminium callipers
Plumb line
Mirror (hand size)
Measuring tape

For further details please view our sculpture materials page

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